For pianos, the hammer is an important part to extend its sound quality, volume and tone.
A felted mallet hammer head is driven to the strings by the piano action
to produce its piano sound.

Hammer felt affect sound quality of piano and formed by combined wool
depending on compression levels for certain hardness and density.
Piano sound is created by string vibration,
which is different depending on quality of hammer.
Therefore, specific high-quality hammer is pursued to make better vibration and sound.

The underfelt, felt around hammer wood core is higher compressed felt than its wrapping
felt. Underfelt gives certain stiffness, and hammer becomes strong
and brings its weight to inner parts, in order to create rich sounds effectively.
Hard woods such as Mahogany wood as hammer wood also gives hammer stiffness on core,
and it greatly influences the sound quality.

RENNER in Germany is renowned as one of the best hammer makers in the world.
As you know, the world finest piano of Steinway&Sons and Bosendorfer order
the custom-made hammer to this company.
The other famous hammer makers are ABEL in Germany and ROYAL GEORGE in
the U.K. Also YAMAHA and KAWAI produce their own original hammers,
aiming higher quality of their sounds. APOLLO, DIAPASON, and ATLAS also apply
RENNER or ROYAL GEORGE hammers for better sounds.

We have been gathering information regarding the condition and material of hammers.
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