With the long history and elaborate technology,
Petrof met 151-year anniversary since it was established.
In Czech Republic, Petrof is operated as a national enterprise
for the pianos and organs manufacturer
and used to run a subsidiary with STEINWAY at Wigmore Street in London.
Under the manufacturing process,
all woods are strictly selected
because they decide the sound quality of the piano
and greatly have an effect on the soundboard and outward appearance,
which is regarded as "the core" of a piano.
Therefore, Petrof places the top priority on its wood.
The soundboard is made of well-selected Cypress
and it is cut in round slices for conveying vibrations sufficiently and avoid transforming.
The Renner action parts are used for reflecting a player's will.
European beech trees are used for its bridge for the ideal both hardness and softness,
and Petrof selects high quality ones to produce a piano.
Advanced design on iron frame is taken in order to keep tension of strings for a long time.
The pinblock holes for tuning pins are calculated in computer.
Petrof stresses on beautiful cabinet design,
and they regard that the most important process is painting,
in order for better outfit by using specially blended paint.

A nearly new Petrof came to our warehouse lately.
All designs for PETROF 131E1 is done at a Petrof own factory.
The high-performance design is applied for PETROF 131E1,
and it gets high reputation from pianos enthusiasts.
Its beautiful sound is suitable for users such as professional players and schools.
The piano is accompanied with the certificate issued by Petrof,
and it is guaranteed as a piano in the great tradition of European masterpiece.
The rich and romantic sounds created by the action
and hammer featured by European pianos is the most characteristic of Petrof.
If you have any interest in it, let us know as soon as possible.
The first to come will be the first to be served!