Piano reflect various touches of players to sounds directly.
In order for desired tones in concert,
pianists demand very focused regulation in microscopic unit.

Grand pianos are capable of detailed adjustment,
and most people select grand pianos for their concert use,
since there are big differences between grand pianos and upright pianos.
Piano history started from grand pianos,
making action parts taking gravitational factors in its mechanism,
and this helps for more rapid repetition and control.
As grand piano's soundboard is placed horizontally, audiences can listen to
surrounded sounds rising up & down from the soundboard.
In case of uprights, since they were invented for limited space,
its expression capability is also limited compared with grand pianos.

There are various sizes of grand pianos;
the bigger the size, the larger sound volume it can produce.
Here, we strongly recommend YAMAHA C7 pianos,
among the standard grand piano lineups.
It has depth 223cm, which is the biggest in the standard grands.
Bigger concert grands (over 270cm) are originally designed for
bigger-size concert halls, a
nd it is sometimes very big & expensive for daily use.
On the contrarily, C7 can fit to much smaller halls or practice rooms.
At the same time, as the C7 action is specially made for the size,
this allows all piano players to express more detailed performances
as close as full concert grands.

For the purpose for more serious piano practice and
to grasp actually capability of certain piano player,
Why do not you think about selling C7?
We are sure that C7 will become eye-catching piano in your store, too.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.