The characteristics of Kawai garand piano standard line up


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Today, we would like to explain one of the characteristics of Kawai grand piano lineups
in history. Since 1928, Kawai has produced so many excellent grand pianos to all around
the word. Out of those, we would like to tell about Kawai standard line up from the KG
to the NX series. Until late 1970's, the line up was only KG series. It has a typical Kawai's
soft sound. In 1979, Kawai announced the GS series that has bright sound like Yamaha.
CA series, which were produced for anniversary for Chopin competition with EX concert
grand, are produced after GS series. As a result, Kawai grand has two different types of
series at this point. The RXA and AF10, R1 (used the technology of EX) produced as high
quality line later (we described detail to the news letter on June 11th in 2014. Please
refer to the attached link). In 1991, the two production series (soft sound &
bright sound) merge to NX, and later RX applying technology of EX. It has received a high
reputation with excellence. More improvement of the RX series were made to lead to
the current GX series.

We handle widely from the KG to RX, GX series. Please kindly check the attached file for
the detail of the characteristics of Kawai grand piano.