We would like to introduce you Grotrian, the German-made orthodox piano, to you.
As you know, Grotrian is deeply connected with Steinway, one of the three top piano
The Grotrian-Steinway relationship began when Friedrich Grotrian, the founder of
Grotrian contracted an alliance with Steinway piano factory.
In 1865, Theodore, the son of the founder of Steinway Heinrich, sold the stocks of
a Hamburg factory to Grotrian family to save the factory before he moved to
the United States. The new company was named "Grotrian Steinweg" after Steinweg
to express its respect for him.
Since Grotrian took over a Steinway factory, they use the same materials and
traditional German handcraft as well. Following are its four characteristics;

1. X-back post
Grotrian is known as the first piano maker which adopted the X-back post.
The back post from solid beech can increase its strength by its shape.
2. Soundboard
The Grotrian soundboard is called "singing board." Their basic idea is
"homogeneous soundboard," which means that the soundboard woods are combined
in similar quality in terms of wood grain, hardness, dryness, etc.
3. Soundboard Base
The soundboard base is arc-shaped to expand soundboard area for more sound volume.
4. Bass sound
Grotrian is known as its powerful bass sounds since foundation.

Those Grotrian wisdoms are put together into our stocked Grotrian Steinweg130 #47485.
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