We collect various pianos every day. Although we mainly deal with acoustic pianos only,
we sometimes collect a few of electronic pianos with certain limited models.
Today, we would like to inform you about YAMAHA AVANTGRAND N3 digital piano,
which is quite rare model.

YAMAHA has created a lot of grand pianos like CF series & CX series so far.
AVANTGRAND N3 Hybrid Piano has been promoted as “a new-type grand piano,”
applying the latest technology. This piano has features such as close-to-grand
nuanced touch and response as the pedal & keys of acoustic grand pianos. Also, player
can enjoy not only recording but also playing with harpsichord sounds. This N3 digital piano
achieved Good Design Award in 2009.

Answering to the need toward modern era, this grand piano is able to solve
space problem and surrounding noise. We recommend you to consider about this piano
in your shop.
The latest technology and good form will attract a lot of people. If you are interested in this,
please kindly contact us.