Thank you very much for your continued business with Takemoto Piano.
We have published APOLLO CATALOG last year,
and we thank that the catalog has been receiving favorable reputations from many customers.
Hearing the positive feedback, we are pleased to inform you
that DIAPASON CATALOG ready to reach you at last.
This catalog is to support your sales to let your end users
know better about DIAPASON pianos.

For DIAPSON details, Click here!
We do have DIAPASON pianos in stock.
Please feel free to contact our staff if you are interested in DIAPASON.

DIAPASON CATALOG will be placed inside container along with your purchase.
We hope that you would gain larger profit
by utilizing this catalog as well as APOLLO CATALOG.
We also expect to hear any questions regarding both DIAPASON and APOLLO catalog,
please feel free contact us anytime.

For further information or any inquiries, please contact us from here!