Mr. Cesare Augusto Tallone, exclusive technician of Michelangeli and created pianos
by himself, supervised manufacturing process of Yamaha C3 temporarily.
When Yamaha was developing C3 as main model of grand piano, he was surprised
at the terrible sounds. Then he gave instructions to young Yamaha engineers
about pianos structures in order for more sound volume.
This rare C3 has unique character of arc-shaped supportive soundboard.
With the arc-rib structure, the piano sounds become stable.
EASTEIN, which we have in our stock, have the same concept structure as the C3,
adopting the arc-shaped supportive back posts. This piano is made to aim of more stable
sound with curved back posts, not with straight ones.
If you would like more reasonable and good-sound pianos, it may be good to consider
about this EASTEIN pianos.
We have 2 units of EASTEIN grand pianos, so please contact us freely.