As mentioned in previous newsletter, Atlas Piano had been next to
YAMAHA and KAWAI in productivity once. Also, renowned
for its quality, Atlas Piano is the first piano manufacturer that achieved
JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) product certificate.
Atlas grand piano AG8 is installed removable capo d'astro bar.
Capo d'astro bar is mainly used in the treble of grand pianos.
By pressing down on the strings, this bar can play the role to
transfer string vibrations to the iron frame.
Although there are many grand pianos with the capo d'astro bar,
Bosendorfer is the only piano manufacturer which currently adopts
the removable one. This removable bar enables to adjust tone to
what pianists demand.
Why don't you compare the AG8 sound with other GPs and feel
the special feature of the adjustable capo d'astro bar?
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested!