APOLLO Grand Piano


As you know there are many other Japanese Brands such as
YAMAHA, KAWAI, APOLLO, ATLAS etc. Each brand has been making not only upright
pianos but also grand pianos.

Today I would like to introduce APOLLO that was made by TOYO PIANO which is
the third largest piano manufacturer after Yamaha and Kawai. All pianos are
produced by skilled craftsmen.

Especially I focus on APOLLO A30 grand piano. Craftsmen aim to bright and
clear sounds, and they use Alaska Spruce for making its soundboard.
With exclusive technique, crown is added on the soundboard to create rich sounds.
Renner hammers, well-known German hammer brand, are used for this piano.

Strictly selected materials are used for making action assembly by skilled technicians,
in order for accurate & stable functions even under extensive play.

At the same age from the 1970’s to the 1980’s, YAMAHA made C series
(such as C3B, C7B,CSⅡ) and G series (G2E, G3E, G5E), and Kawai manufactured
KG series (KG2, KG3). Many good pianos were produced during the period, as we
are inquired on dealing with secondhand pianos.

Takemoto Piano currently has APPOLO A30#130859 and #52329, as well as other
quality brands. Please feel free to contact us to ask for these pianos.