Color Variation in Your Shop


There are many color variation on pianos so do they have a variety of forms and
features. Having many color collections such as black, walnut, mahogany, white,
or polished, natural mat, mat-finish, will enable you to respond to your customers'
needs promptly. Although many piano shops are handling black pianos, there
are advantages to handle other distinct colors shown below.

- As drawing attention
The colored pianos among many black pianos will attract your customers.
There would be more customers who get interested in seeing your pianos closer.
- Characteristic design
The distinct design will satisfy your customers who would like to have something
"different" from what many other people possess.
- Matching to interior in room
The colored pianos will be easily harmonious with other furniture without too much
presence. It will be more satisfactory customer services and will help differentiate
your shop with other competing shops by thinking your customers' room design as well.
- Difference with other shops
Since many piano shops are dealing with relatively more black pianos than colored
pianos, you would be able to make your own shop "different" from other shops,
which will secure bigger profits.

Here in Takemoto have stock of a variety of colors to meet our customers' broad
demand. Please feel free to contact our staff if you are interested.