The single-strung style


We would like to notify you that we collected Diapason 183SW grand piano recently.
The most noticeable characteristic of this piano is the single-strung style.

This style is applied to only high-class, handcrafted European pianos. You can see
the same style on limited concert grand pianos these days.
The mainstream of piano manufacturers adopts loop stringing, with which each string
bends around its hitch pin. However, as we mentioned in newsletter, DIAPASON is
dedicated towards high quality sound by using this style to make a great tune balance.

Thanks to the perfect prevention of the string twist and the unbalance of wire's tension,
DIAPASON has clear tune with wider tone ranges..

DIAPASON 183WS was already sold out, but we have other single-strung pianos.
For instance, Cramer #57495, which was manufactured in 1920 in the U.K.,
is single-strung. Also, August Forster pianos in our stock (as we informed you
on last-week newsletter) partially uses single-strung structure.
The single-strung pianos are definitely noticiable feature, when recommending
this piano to your customers. We have a lot of inquiries about this type of pianos
after sending newsletter of DIAPASON 183WS day by day. Thus, we expect much
response to this newsletter. If you are interested in single-strung pianos including
two models we introduced today, feel free to contact us!