Today, we introduce you "AUGUST FORSTER."
This brand has a long history, 150 years since AUGUST FORSTER started to manufacture
pianos in Germany in 1859. This brand has grown up as one of the most prominent brand
in the world with a lot of studies and innovations based on the policy which says creating
the best pianos in the world. It is said that AUGUST FORSTER is regarded as a high-quality
piano by the professionals.
This brand has been made in Germany and in Czechoslovakia. Germany AUGUST FORSTER
opened the second factory in Bohemia (later Czechoslovakia) in 1897, but this factory was
nationalized by Czechoslovakia. Due to this separation, there were AUGUST FORSTER
pianos in market, either made in Germany or Czechoslovakia for certain period since 1945.
Now, Germany AUGUST FORSTER keep manufacturing, but Czech AUGUST FORSTER was
merged into PETROF, a Czech brand.
Both of them have similar features such as shape of frame and good sounds in common. They
create characteristic pianos having single-strung style and leather key bushing, so that we can
see the policy from the originator. We deal with both of Germany and Czech AUGUST FORSTER.
If you would like to take this characteristic high-quality piano, please feel free to contact us.