Bosendorfer is founded by Ignaz Bosendorfer in 1828 in Wien, Austria. His pianos
received the status of the fficial piano maker to the Emperor of Austria in 1830.
The pianos he made earned high reputation for the tone. It makes the brand more
famous from the fact that only Bosendorfer was capable of performance by Franz
Liszt, well-known pianist from poweful & highly-technical playing.

Since the year of the foundation 180 year ago, there have been only 48,000 pianos
manufactured. Although Bosendorfer was purchased by Yamaha, it still focuses
on hand-crafted pianos. It is said that the total amount that is manufactured in
one year is as few as 350 pianos.

Bosendorfer pianos are characterized in its soft sound called "Wiener Tone." This
feature is achieved by vibrating the whole cabinet of piano, not only from
soundboard but also sideboard.

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