Thank you very much for your continued business with Takemoto Piano.
MUSIC CAHINA 2014 closed on October 11th. We appreciate for your visits to our booth,
and look forward to seeing you again. Now, we suppose some of you have already received
the Apollo catalog made by Takemoto Piano. This catalog is to support your sales to let your
end users know better about Apollo pianos. We hope that you would gain larger profit by
utilizing this catalog. Here, we pick up further information on Apollo A360, as we had
inquiry for this model recently.APOLLO pianos had been manufactured by Toyo Piano
since 1948. Toyo piano is one of the top three piano makers in Japan. Apollo pianos are
characterized in its unique features developed independently. As for Apollo A360,
this piano is manufactured around the end of the 1970s, and valued in its rarity as
it is applied Renner hammars and agraffs at all ranges. It is featured in its clear
sound, smart appearance, and the soundboard made of Yezo spruce. The price when it
was produced was JY 650,000-, which could be positioned in high-class model as
YAMAHA YUX, KAWAI US series. We do have APOLLO pianos in stock. Please feel free
to contact our staff if you are interested in Apollo. We also expect to hear any questions
regarding APOLLO catalog.