Ohhashi piano is made by Hataiwa Ohhashi, who worked for Nihon Gakki Company
(currently known as Yamaha) and trained at Bechstein. Mr. Ohhashi is a great piano
engineer who contributed to the development of the early stage of the piano industry.
Ohhashi brand is rare found, and there are only 4639 pianos. He had a firm belief
in hand-crafted pianos, so he thoroughly selected ingredients for pianos all the time.
Thanks to its scarcity and excellent quality, Ohhashi brand has gained a high
reputation for a long time. OHHASHI 132, which we have in our inventory right now,
was made from the sketch model that Ohhashi brought back from Bechstein-Concert 8.
This Ohhashi model is a Japanese Bechstein with a powerful sound that you would not
expect upright pianos have. Also, some Ohhashi brands made by Hataiwa Ohhashi have
his signature of brush. The one we own exactly has this signature! Why don’t you get
this rare brand which is seldom dealt with overseas? Please feel free to contact us
if you are interested in.