Repairing soundboard started!



While the demand for grand pianos is increasing these days, some grand pianos in our
stock have soundboard which is not clean enough.
Especially among Yamaha grand pianos, there are many pianos with brown-tanned
soundboards, colored due to resin. Although its function is not lessened as a soundboard at
all, it does not look good.
To overcome this matter, we repair soundboard in order for our customers to be satisfied
with our grand pianos. After loosing tuning pins, taking off strings and cleaning directly
on soundboard, we put new strings and tune piano again. Some pianos were equipped with
new tuning pins, strings, or repainted soundboard. This whole repair work takes as long as
1 week, but you can see that repaired soundboard is definitely different from the one
before maintenance. Please check the attached pictures for your reference. Since the demands for grand pianos are increasing now, please kindly contact your staff soon if you are interested.