To Maintain Your Pianos Clean


There would be many people who put goods on pianos.
However, some products make pianos damaged due to chemical reaction of
painted surface. Today, we would like to introduce you the products that better
to be avoided to put on the pianos in order to maintain the piano clean.

1. Plastics (except for polyethylene)
Electrical cord, plastic-made eraser, books with the front cover coated with
polyvinyl chloride, toys, etc.
2. Vinyl products
3. Products that contain alcohol
Perfume, pesticide, alcohol, etc.
4. Other
Manicure, hair spray, petroleum products, etc.

Putting vase and flowerpot is also better to be avoided. If the water spill over
the piano, it will bring rusty and mold.

When your customers purchase your piano, it would be helpful to explain above
in order to keep the piano in good condition. If you have any questions regarding
pianos, please feel free to ask our staff.