To Preserve Your Piano


Generally, any kinds of musical instruments are delicate. Piano is not an exception,
and temperature and humidity easily affect sounds and key touch.
If you place a piano where is in highly humid environment
or in wide range of temperature changes among a day,
the sounds and action movement get worse.
Oppositely, excessive dryness is not suitable for pianos,
which sometimes end up with cracked woods.

The suitable environment for piano is the same as that of human beings feels comfortable.
Appropriate temperature and humidity for pianos are said to be as following.
Temperature: 15℃-25℃ (59F-77F)
Humidity: 50%-70%
It is sometimes difficult to control temperature and humidity in household.

For the areas with relatively high humidity, we recommend you to have pianos
with silver-color tuning pins.
The silver-color tuning pins are plated by nickel on their surface,
and the plating prevents tuning pins from geting rusty,
compared with blue-color pins with no plating.. In this way, your piano could be able to
be preserved longer period with silver-color tuning pins.

We do have variety of pianos that silver-color pins are equipped in our stock.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in such pianos.