Grand Pianos Getting Popular Worldwide


Summer has come in Japan, and orders for grand pianos are steadily increasing
worldwide. The market of used pianos has been expanding rapidly in the past years.
Especially, many people shift from upright pianos to grand pianos for more professional
practices in household & music schools. We hear variety of demands for grand pianos,
such as DIAPASON, which were originally manufactured focusing for piano education,
YAMAHA G series, KAWAI KG series. For more professional players,
YAMAHA C series and BOSTON pianos are demanded. We do see increasing demands
for grand pianos from inquiries for such wide-range requests .
Why don't you show grand pianos in your shop, in order for various events held
(such as competition or recital) to draw attention for grand pianos?

We hear many inquiries already, so we recommend your prompt attention on grand pianos!