Diapason model 183E


For today's topic, we would like to introduce you the Diapason model 183E..
It was designed by Mr. Hataiwa Ohhashi, a reputed craftsman of Japan's
piano industry. As he pursued the sounds of European pianos in making his pianos,
their sounds are commonly acknowledged as "similar to a Bechstein piano."
Some of Diapason pianos have "OHHASHI DESIGN" carved seal on their iron
frame, indicating that the pianos are manufactured along with the scale
design by Mr. Hataiwa Ohhashi.

This Diapason model 183E was manufactured by Kawai between 1973 and 1987.
In this period Kawai manufactured their own models including KG3D,
equivalent to the 183E. Many pianos are manufactured in Kawai factories,
and are widely regarded to accomodate both high product & sound quality.
Diapason itself has sold many pianos to schools and institutions, and has built
high reputation among teachers and piano performers by manufacturing
professional pianos. The subsequent models after the 183E include the D series,
and also the high-end DR series.

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