R1 and AF10



Today, we would like to introduce you KAWAI R1 and AF10, which are
high-end models and predecessors of the SHIGERU KAWAI series.
As opposed to YAMAHA's luxury-oriented model S400 (currently recognized as S4),
KAWAI designed RXA which features the characteristics of the Kawai EX.
The manufacturer of KAWAI used the technology of RXA and produced the R1
which also has 197cm, and although their inner structures are almost the same,
the R1 is set to a reasonable price to raise its cost effect. As for the AF10, the model
was released to celebrate the serial number reaching 2 millions. This piano
was miniaturized in 183cm of its length, but it maintains the concept of RXA.

Since R1 and AF10 have been distinguished from the standard models such as
KG series in its quality and its elaboration, they are seen in only few shops
even in Japan. This suggests that these pianos will attract your customers.
Takemoto Piano is happy to provide you with R1 and AF10. Please feel free
to contact us if you are interested.