There are a variety of mechanisms in pianos to make beautiful sound. You may
have heard agraffs, all under felts, Renner hammer, and Ciresa sound board
as one of them.

Today, I would like to introduce ‘ALIQUOT’; another way of making better sound.

Aliquot is another way of making a better sound by vibrating the forestrings
(the string from tuning pins to barering) and backstrings (string from
pedal spring sockets to hitch pins), both of which are usually not
vibrated. Special string hinge enables strings to have overtone by adjusting
the length of strings, and it makes pianos have brighter sound.

Whereas aliquot is applied to many grand pianos, this mechanism is
seen only in limited luxury models, such as YAMAHA UX1, YUS, YU50,
and KAWAI K5, KU50, US60M.