A decoration service of pilasters with the colored tape



“Film used on the surface of the planes? Takemoto's pilaster decoration service
using colored film”

"Differentiating from other competitors" is the common concerns for all company
executives. For those people, we would like to introduce our pilaster decoration service
using colored tape. By request our skilled staffs will decorate colored film on the pilasters
of the piano you choose, which will add unmatched uniqueness to the piano!

This tape is characterized by its adhesiveness and durability, and surprisingly this
is even used on the surface of the planes. Many colors including red, blue,
yellow, and green are available. Why don’t you decorate your piano with your culture’s
lucky color? You can enjoy the decoration with \15,000 per each unit of piano.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to decorate other than pilasters.
This is a good chance for you to have your own special piano!