C3XA and C6XA


Today, we would like to introduce the YAMAHA special model Class XA series,
which are represented by C3XA and C6XA. YAMAHA have been producing special
models in the name of acoustic edition, but Class XA has a little bit of difference
from the other YAMAHA special models. The acoustic edition, such as C3LA and C3A,
is designed with the special equipment of the standard models by adopting the strings
and sound board that is used in S series. In comparison, the whole design of Class XA is
distinguished from other special models of YAMAHA. There are three major differences.

1. Sound Board, Rib, Back Post
Class XA is designed with the strong ribs that go along the curve of the sound board
in order to make the optimal curve of the sound board.

2. Music Wire
New music wire is applied to Class XA, and it enables the sound to have brighter
sound with depth.

3. Music Desk
The music desk is the symbol of Class XA. This was designed in order to be able to
play comfortably. The emblem of ‘Class XA’ is carved in the lamp table at the right
side of the music desk.

These differences are also seen in CX series, such as C3X and C6X. The present CX
series adopt the skill and design of CFX of YAMAHA concert grand pianos, and >
CX series can be recognized as a model followed by Class XA series.
We have C6XA in our stock, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in.