KAWAI Musical Instruments is a family run company that exist only a few in the world
at present time.

The first president of KAWAI Musical Instruments was Koichi Kawai, who also founded
a company called KAWAI Musical Instruments. Koichi Kawai was once working in
YAMAHA and he was a good partner of Torakusu Yamaha; the founder of YAMAHA.

The second president was Shigeru Kawai, the son of Koichi Kawai. His success in his work
had huge influence on the improvement of this company to obtain the current reputation.
K-KAWAI which is only named in grand pianos and luxury upright pianos is the brand
that Shigeru made in commemoration of his father Koichi.

Hirotaka Kawai was appointed as the third president. He is the son of Shigeru Kawai, and
the current president of KAWAI Musical Instruments. The brand ‘Shigeru Kawai was
made in commemoration of his father. This piano is manufactured in hand made in almost
all parts, which cannot be seen in other KAWAI pianos. This SK series nominated for one
of the best pianos that were made in Asia with the best quality and performance in the
internationally well-known book, ‘2007-2008 Annual Supplement to
THE PIANO BOOK’. Also, KAWAI started a co-operation with STEINWAY in 1992, and
have been manufacturing the BOSTON piano that is designed by STEINWAY. BOSTON
piano made by KAWAI has also obtained a high reputation today.