A Part of YAMAHA Silent Ensemble Development Part.3


Today, we would like to introduce the characteristics of SEB; the subsequent model of
SXGZ which we explained previously. We would like to explain the shift from SXGZ
to SEB by using the function of YU10SEB as an example.

YU10SEB has silent and disklavier systems and has soft landing function to its
fall board. It has a tone escape in the upper front panel which lets the sound
out directly to the player, and also underfelts are applied to hammers of all range.
SEB and SXGZ models both equip PPC55R, but a major difference is that the
disklavier unit for SEB model is a bit smaller, and waveform memory (16MB) is
embedded in sound generator.

From this SEB model, you can record what you played with metronome and time.
This "metronome recording" enables you to record in measures and beats format.