A Part of YAMAHA Silent Ensemble Development Part.2


Today, we would like to introduce you the evolution of SX to SXG models, which is the
change from the "disklavier" to "silent ensemble." We would like to explain the functional
differences, by taking HQ100SX and HQ100SXG as examples.

The HQ100SX and HQ100SXG were manufactured in 1995 and 1996, respectively.
They are both 121cm high, black color and with standard upright shape. The HQ100SX
has a machine called PPC100R, built-in to the upper front panel, whereas the HQ100SXG
has its machine, PPC500R, placed outside.

The functional differences between the models are mentioned below:

1. The HQ100SX could output only piano sounds, as it is not equipped with a "sound
source" that converts MIDI data to sound data of different instruments. Meanwhile, the
HQ100SXG has a sound source built in the machine which is capable of playing in
ensemble (session with piano sounds and other instruments).

2. The HQ100SX could play ensembles by installing an external sound library device,
like a MU50. The MU50 could play 759 different instrument sounds, which is more than
the HQ100SXG which could play 137 different musical instruments with its original
sound library.
Next, we would like to introduce you the change of YAMAHA silent ensemble from SXGZ
and SEB. We hope the information we provide you on this page will be helpful for your
better understanding of the entire related product to piano.