New KAWAI upright piano collection made a debut for European market too. We arrange
the comparative table with Japanese models and European models.

You can see different model No. with Grand Style Music Rack. In Japanese market,
there are K700 and K400 (middle range), whereas K800 is the only model with Grand
Style Music Rack for the flagship piano. Kawai does not line up the K400 in European
market. Instead, they add K600 rank next to K800AS, with Standard Shape
(Straight legs/Flat panel). This model does not appear for Japanese market.

You will see some different specs between K700 (Japanese flagship model) and K800AS
(European flagship model), on such as height and weight. They are both Flagship model
with Grand Style Music Rack, but may be manufactured differently somehow.
We would like to inform you as soon as we confirm the difference.

K800AS: Flagship model of KAWAI upright pianos for European market. Height 134cm,
Grand Style Music Rack with Straight legs and Royal George Hammer Felt.
K600: 134cm, rank next to K800AS.
K500: Equivalent to Japanese K500. Standard Shape (Straight legs/Flat panel).
K300: Equivalent to Japanese K300. Standard Shape (Straight legs/Flat panel).
K200: Equivalent to JapaneseK200. Compact model.

We would like to update the information as soon as we receive it.
Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.