A Part of YAMAHA Silent Ensemble Development



We would like to introduce you the changes on YAMAHA SILENT ENSEMBLE history,
taking example on YU5SXG to YU5SXGZ such the model change from SXG to SXGZ.

YU5SXG was released in 1997. YU5SXGZ was released in 1999. They both piano holds
silent ensemble controller PPC500R, which can be swapped to DKC850 (equivalent to
Disklavier E3 unit). The pianos themselves are with big music desk with mahogany
frames, tone escape, and agraffs. In terms on silent ensemble function, they have difference
between SXG and SXGZ as in the following:

*silent function
1: Reverb depth control dial on SXGZ (SXG does not have switch but can change 4-level depths)
2: More Polyphony: SXG with 16-stereo note and 32-monoral note
To SXGZ with 32-note stereo sampling and 64-stereo note
3: Number of the Voices such as Piano, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Pipe organ, etc.
From 170 (SXG) To 440 (SXGZ)

We would like to introduce you other YAMAHA silent ensemble units SX, SXG, SXGZ and SEB
on this page in future. We hope the information we provide you on this page will be helpful for
your better understanding of the entire related product to piano.