Updating PiaNavi database


 As we had many positive impression on PiaNavi demonstration
in Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014, we would like to introduce you PiaNavi again.
At the starting point, we had 500 piano photos on PiaNavi,
but it now increased to more than 700 pianos. These photos cover most of major models,
and we aim to construct more comprehensive database of pianos.

On the other hand, we also hear questions how to introduce PiaNavi
to one's own smartphone.

This time we would like to explain the introduction process till you can use
PiaNavi step-by-step. For questions on each step, please feel free to ask us questions.

①PiaNavi is designed for Android smartphones,
 so please prepare certain smartphone
 (unfortunately, PiaNavi is not available for Apple iPhone).

②Please register Google account on the smartphone.
 In case you do not have Google account, you can create
 new account through menu.

③After registration, please start "Google Play Store" by tapping the icon.
 You can download various apps from here including PiaNavi.
 You make search by typing "PiaNavi" here to find out "install" menu.
 When you choose that, PiaNavi is to be downloaded for your use.

④By tapping PiaNavi for the first time, its initial data download starts.
 Please be patient to wait till it finishes
 (we recommend Wi-Fi connection since it takes about 10-30 minutes).

⑤When the download is finished, you can start to use "trial version" of PiaNavi,
 with limited search results. In order to use full version, it is necessary to
 register your name & e-mail address through "registration" menu in PiaNavi.
 It is truly FREE OF CHARGE.

⑥After registration, you are ready to use full version of PiaNavi. Please Enjoy!