STEINWAY is one of the best piano manufacturers, having strong influence on world
piano market. There is no doubt it will lead the piano industry even it was purchased
by John Paulson, the hedge fund billionaire in August 2013.

Steinway pianos were manufactured in Hamburg and New York since 1853, applauded
by many pianists. Now we intend to provide more Steinway pianos, and now we have
7 STEINWAY pianos in total (5 grand pianos and 2 upright pianos) as below.

Please make inquiry to us if you are interested.
There are some other suppliers providing STEINWAY pianos from Japan. Most of
them import old Steinway pianos from USA or Europe, and distribute to overseas
after repair & parts replacements. However, their repair quality and the origin of
the parts & pianos are not so clear. All of the STAINWAY pianos that Takemoto
Piano sells are sold in Japan as Genuine Steinway pianos, and we intend to complete
maintenance keeping original parts. We will keep supplying trustable products to
our customers.