New KAWAI Upright Piano


From 16th February 2014, new KAWAI upright piano collection made a debut.
Comparing to the previous K series, there are 2 remarkable improvements.

1. Extended Key Lengths: You can express more delicate sound with the long
  keys designed under the same concept as grand pianos.

2. Manufactured in RYUYO factory: The entry models of previous K series:
K2 and K3 were manufactured in Indonesian Factory. For the new K series,
Kawai aims for high quality by making all the models in RYUYO factory, Japan.

Comparative models have been changed with this major model renewal.
We place past equivalent models to each, so please examine the following
list for your reference.

K700: Flagship model of KAWAI upright pianos. Height 132 cm,
Big music desk with Straight legs. Equivalent to K8.

K500: Standard model. Height 132 cm, Flat panel with Straight legs.
Succeeded from BS3A and NS35.

K400: Height 125 cm, Big music desk. Succeeded from US5X and XO5.
Equivalent to K7.

K300: Standard model. Height 125cm, Flat panel with straight legs.
Succeeded from KS2F, NS15 and BS2A. Equivalent to K3.

K200: Compact & entry model. Height 117cm. Succeeded from K18.
   Equivalent to K2.

KAWAI may change the lineup in all over the world in future.
If you have questions in order to know the details of new models
before KAWAI announce in your market, please feel free to make
inquiry to us.