Pianos Made by YAMAHA


 Do you know ETERNA, KAISER and MIKI pianos had been made by YAMAHA?
 Actually, these brands had been produced along with consignment by certain
 YAMAHA dealers at that time between 1970's to 1990's. To say what does it
 means, ETERNA, KAISER and MIKI pianos were certainly made by YAMAHA
 although the brand names are different.

 For example, there are piano brands BOSTON and ESSEX. These brands' pianos
 are originally designed by STEINWAY&SONS, the leading piano manufacturer.
 BOSTON and ESSEX pianos are manufactured outside STEINWAY, but along with
 their design and instruction (BOSTON is manufactured at KAWAI factory and ESSEX
 is manufactured at PEARL RIVER factory in China). Since the pianos have been made
 under the same concepts of design as STEINWAY&SONS pianos (with reasonable prices
 compared with STEINWAY Pianos), these brands achieve high reputation in piano market

 Since ETERNA, KAISER, MIKI pianos had been manufactured by YAMAHA,
 we think it helps you to convince your customers that ETERNA, KAISER, MIKI
 are good choices for "reasonably-priced pianos made by YAMAHA." You can
 see YAMAHA logo on the hammer rail as proof of "MADE BY YAMAHA" from
 the above photos. As same as YAMAHA produced pianos, DIAPASON, MARCHEN
 and EMPEROR pianos had been made by KAWAI. Normally, these second brand
 pianos are manufactured based on either YAMAHA or KAWAI original model and
 customized partially. For example, ETERNA E1A has the same design and
 instruction with YAMAHA U1A model, but tuning pins are upgraded from
 chromium plated pins to nickel plated pins.