ATLAS is one of the Japanese top-ranking piano makers,
which had been next to YAMAHA and KAWAI in productivity once.
For trying high quality sound, elaborate "roll-back technique"
is adopted on middle-end strings of all their products.
The technique prevent slack of strings, noise and it is said that could
make smooth sounds from middle to bass. As other features,
we see agraffs on bass, nickel tuning pins, and Royal George / Renner
hammers upon almost all their piano models.
We would like to say it is definitely high-end brand.

In Japanese domestic market, the brand have reputation for their
high-quality sound like European pianos, and there are still many fans.
It can be expected better sound quality than YAMAHA and KAWAI by
proper tuning. There are many of ATLAS pianos comparing with
other brands in the market. In addition to Atlas,
manufactured by ATLAS company as you may know.
Below brands are also manufactured by Atlas as well.
Please try this great instrument.