SCHWEIZERSTEIN is one of the existing hand-made piano maker as well as
 KREUTZER. The company was established in 1954 and grew up as the
 piano maker referring to Germany sounds,  
 since engineers who experienced early period of
 YAMAHA (with strong influence by C. BECHSTEIN) entered SCHWEIZERSTEIN.
 The philosophy can be seen from adopting Renner action
 and Roslau wire on their products. They built up a lot of their own
 techniques and DS soundboard is especially famous.
 This is patented technology to put special cuts on ribs,
 in order to make bigger sounds and better sound waves
 comparing with normal soundboard. Sometimes we see their unique cabinet designs.
 For example, left key block is designed as drawer-like
 storage space which can hold accessories like watch and ring.
 Their kind consideration can be seen from the point.