YAHAMA started to manufacture pianos in Hamamatsu, Japan since 1900.
 Now Yamaha holds major factories  in the U.S., China, and Indonesia.
 Previously, Yamaha had sold a model named LU101 for Japan market for
 2 years since 1982.
 That model had been the only Indonesia-made model in Japan until Yamaha
 launched B series which had remarkable sales in Europe.
 b113 (B2 in Europe) and b121 (B3 in Europe) are well manufactured compared
 with LU101 with more carefully made iron frame.
 Tight Pins with multi-layer wood pinblock are drawback, but they will
 suit your demand for brand-new & low-cost pianos.
 If you are interested in them, please let us know.
 They do not appear in the stock list, but we will look for them along with
 your request.