KREUTZER has been manufactured since 1951.
 Many manufacturers had been founded from this period,
 but there are only about 10 companies currently running.
 Kreutzer is one of those running companies.
 Japan-made pianos are regarded mass-production such as Yamaha and Kawai,
 but small companies, such as Kreutzer, concentrate on hand-made pianos
 for high quality.
 Most of their upright pianos are as high as 130 centimeters (U3 size),
 having enough space for string lengths, leading to bigger sounds.
 Many models are equipped with German-made Renner hammers for better sounds.
 It is unique that some models are with nice brass design on upper front panel.
 Cabinet with decent walnut gradation is characteristic on this brand,
 and they are very demanded.
 We do keep some stock in our warehouse, so please feel free to contact
 our sales representative.